Even small grants can make a big difference. Just ask the Ritchie County Family Resource Network (FRN). The FRN received a $600 COVID-19 relief grant from the PACF to buy material, elastic, and thread for a community mask-making project.

"Ritchie County had several clothing manufacturing factories in the county in the past. When I put the call out for volunteers, many of them were these same workers," said Pam Ward, Executive Director of the FRN. "By securing these funds, the FRN was able to provide volunteers with the necessary supplies to mass produce the masks. They felt like they were being useful and able to contribute back to the community and to help with the COVID pandemic."

The masks were donated to agencies and individuals in the county, allowing service providers to continue seeing clients and residents to safely get groceries, visit doctors, and undertake other essential activities. The masks will continue to offer protection for months to come