Research shows that clients have a strong desire to talk openly with their professional advisors about their charitable giving intentions and options. We are here to help you with those conversations.

Starting the Conversation

U.S. Trust® 2018 study of the philanthropic conversation found that the vast majority of high net worth individuals give to charity, and many feel that philanthropy is an important aspect of their wealth experience. These same individuals are increasingly relying on professional advisors for support with their charitable activity. However, the philanthropic conversations with and advice provided by their advisors are not always aligned to their needs.

The study is good proof that, while giving is a personal act, professional advisors can play an important role in suggesting options and identifying solutions. Our Foundation would like to serve as a resource for you, in the same way that you serve a resource to your clients. Our experienced staff can work with you to start the conversation and create giving strategies that are meaningful and tax-effective for your clients. Think of us as the charitable arm of your team, supporting you and your clients every step of the way.

Conversations Where We Can Help

Here are some common client situations where professional advisors have called on us for our expertise: