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As a nonprofit, you're able to easily apply for current PACF grant opportunities, track your current grant application progress, submit final reports, and review past grant applications all from one easy-to-use portal. Please note that any application process that previously used a paper-application has now been converted to our new online system and applications must be submitted online. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Current Grant Opportunities:

Current deadlines for the Community Action Grant Program applications are April 1 and October 1. The application process opens approximately two months before the application deadline, at which time a link to the application form will be available in the PACF's online Grant Application Portal.

Apply online

SUN grants (up to $4,000) help organizations with non-budgeted, unforeseen, and time-sensitive emergencies or opportunities that arise from time to time and for which a quick response regarding Foundation support is necessary.

To begin the process of applying for a SUN grant, contact the Foundation’s Associate Director for Community Leadership at 304-428-4438 or by e-mail. Foundation staff will provide you with an access code to the PACF's online Grant Application Portal in order to complete the grant application.