Giving that is Cost-Effective, Efficient, and Organized

The PACF can streamline your charitable giving and maximize your company’s investment in your community. Our knowledge and charitable giving expertise can help you meet your corporate giving goals, promote your company, and make a positive impact in the region

Since the PACF is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charity, your gifts receive the greatest IRS tax deductions allowed by law. We accept a variety of gift types including cash, stock, real estate, and provide prompt tax receipts for all contributions. There are no start-up fees to create a fund or to partner with the PACF. We take care of all the administrative work so there are no tax returns, minimum payouts required, and no legal fees.

With an understanding of our region's nonprofits, charitable projects, and community needs, the PACF is an excellent resource for companies wishing to make a community investment. We help you streamline your charitable giving and help connect you to important community projects and opportunities.

Giving Options:

Opening a corporate giving fund (aka Donor Advised Fund) at the PACF is a smart way to maximize your company’s investment in your community. It is a convenient, flexible way for a business that wants to stay actively involved in the community and an efficient alternative to creating your own 501(c)(3) or private foundation.

You recommend grants from your fund to support causes and organizations you care most about, within and outside of the Foundation’s service area. Our professional program staff will work with you identify community needs that match your charitable interests.

This is a hands-off type of gift for your organization. The PACF will work with you to craft a fund that meets your charitable and financial goals. Then the Foundation will annually award grants from your fund and keep you updated on the impact your gift is making in the region.

A designated staff member will provide regular grant and donation reports detailing your giving through the Foundation. A partnership with the PACF can shield your business from requests for contributions, serve as a cushion for on-the-spot solicitations, and help to keep your giving organized and impactful.

By providing direct support to the PACF you help us continue our mission of providing leadership and developing philanthropic resources for our community. Your company can also choose to direct your support to help fund the PACF’s key initiatives.

“Our support is made possible by our Superior team and our customers. We’re thankful for our community and want to give back. The PACF’s Give Local MOV is an excellent way to do just that in our region.”

- T.R. Hathaway, owner of Superior Toyota