You know that feeling you get when you’ve been on a trip, and you pass underneath the Welcome to West Virginia sign, you think, “It’s good to be back,” but when you pass the Welcome to Lewis County sign, it’s the heartfelt feeling “I’m glad to be home.” It is the pride we feel as we see the Minutemen or Patriots take the field, Big Blue start to perform, the Honor Guard’s tribute to a fallen comrade, it’s the parades, events, out fellow Lewis Countians, this is why Lewis County Community Foundation was formed: The pride of being a Lewis Countian and giving for our future.

Several years ago, we saw other counties with millions of dollars in their fund able to give tens of thousands to benefit their county. So, we created our own fund in partnership with the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, which takes care of the paperwork and legalities. This allowed us to start quicker and have the guidance needed. It also got us a generous matching fund from the Benedum Foundation that doubles donations. In three short years, with local donations, especially a very generous one from Bill and Beth White, we were able to award our first grants.

We are do proud to be able to give $3,000 to Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants for the construction of a pavilion that will benefit not only them but our community as well. Then we gave $2,200 and partnered with the Larry D. and Margaret D. Brown Advised Fund for another $3,000 for Lewis County Blueprint to install changeable storyboards across the county. They can highlight our local artists, storytellers, history, events and much more, and be updated often. Then we gave $1,000 to Central WV Community Action to help our citizens who might not be able to pay for their utilities this winter.

Would you like to help Lewis County for many generations to come? The Lewis County Community Foundation is the best way to do this. Remember, your donation will build up our fund to benefit not only Lewis County citizens and projects; it can also be directed toward a specific goal if you wish. If you have questions, please ask any of our board, Johnathan Clutter, Chris Heater, Agnes Queen, Bob Stultz, Ray Smith, Rebecca Young, and Rod Wyman. You can also contact Julie Posey at 304-428-4438.

So please give anything you can; even $1 helps. Also, you can make provisions in your will, convert land or stock, or other ways you wish. We are a nonprofit, so you can receive tax benefits. Just contact us for more information.

Your contribution will leave a lasting legacy form many future Lewis Countians generations to come. You can give online at Mail your donation to Lewis County Community Foundation, c/o PACF, PO Box 1762, Parkersburg, WV 26102-1762.

The future depends on what we do in the present, so please give.