Did you know that you can create a fund at the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation (PACF) and then recommend grants from the fund over time? Many individuals and organizations have created "Donor Advised Funds" at the PACF and are making a difference every day by recommending grants to organizations and causes that are important to them and to the community.

For example, the Mary M. Welch Fund recently awarded a $10,000 grant to the Humane Society of Parkersburg to create a memorial garden in front of their facility. This project helps to complete a major capital project to build an addition onto the humane society's shelter. The grant-funded project included the addition of fencing, landscaping, and a brick patio. Individuals will have an opportunity to purchase a brick to honor, memorialize, or recognize a pet.

"Mickey Welch was a great friend of the humane society," said Executive Director Gary McIntyre. "Her donation helped us to start our spay and neuter fund, which recently celebrated its sixth anniversary. We felt that this memorial garden would be a great way to honor individual pets while we honor the memory of Mrs. Welch."

The Mid-Ohio Valley Endowment for Women, Children, and Families, created by the former board of the YWCA of Parkersburg, has been providing grants to a variety of nonprofit organizations in the region since 2009. A recent $2,000 grant to the Mountaineer Food Bank, supplemented with $8,000 in additional PACF support, enabled the Food Bank to purchase smart boards to assist with providing training and educational programs for staff and members. The Mountaineer Food Bank aids food pantries, feeding programs, and home meal delivery services throughout the PACF service area.

“This project is really moving forward our ability to communicate and engage with our team throughout our five locations," said Becky Conrad with the Food Bank. "Additionally, the new equipment has enabled our team to participate in other agency or partner activities and has allowed the opportunity to meet “face to face” to keep our network strong."

Interested in creating a Donor Advised Fund?