Different generations do things differently. This is not a surprise to those who have watched their parents, children, or grandchildren in action! Catch up on how generational differences flow through to charitable giving. In particular, note that the donor-advised fund is popular across generations, not just with Gen X and Baby Boomers. Plus, given the hands-on preferences of Millennials and Gen Z, the PACF is uniquely situated to cater to these new philanthropists as they seek to make their own mark of positive impact on the world.

Have you ever heard a philanthropist say how hard it is to give money away? There is truth to that, especially, as this article notes, where grants from private foundations are concerned. This is yet another reason why so many individuals and families are turning to the PACF to help them structure charitable giving vehicles and navigate the best ways to support the causes they love, including forgoing the private foundation altogether in favor of the more straightforward and tax-friendly Donor Advised Fund.