Founded in 2015 as a Donor Advised Fund with the PACF, the Williamstown Fund for Excellence has supported many projects in the Williamstown area. The Fund seeks to stimulate projects and causes which help the people of the Williamstown area rise above the average and achieve excellence.

"Our goal is to grow the Fund to $500,000 so that we can make meaningful grant awards and can have resources available for future opportunities," said Lynn Erb, member of the Fund's advisory committee. "Gifts to support the Williamstown Fund for Excellence will make a lasting, meaningful impact for the Williamstown area now and forever."

The Williamstown Fund for Excellence is a permanent endowment in which the principal remains intact and invested, generating earnings to help support area needs. Annually, an advisory committee of Williamstown residents recommends awards from a portion of the Fund's earnings as grants to local organizations and causes working to strengthen the community.

The Williamstown Fund for Excellence has granted more than $95,000 to charitable endeavors in the geographic area served by the Williamstown Public School District since 2015. Such grants include support for the Williamstown Community Pool Days whereby children ages 4-18 received a free entry to the Williamstown Healthy Lifestyle Pool during summer 2020.

"The intention behind this grant was to provide the children in the community with additional opportunities to enjoy our pool and to help area families with a small financial break. This past summer was challenging for everyone. Providing a pool pass relieved the strain on already stressed family budgets," said Erb.

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