The Westbrook Health Services Permanent Endowment Fund was created in 2001 to support the mission and services of Westbrook Health Services. The Fund's primary goal is to ensure that the services provided by Westbrook Health Services can continue into the future. Because of this financial support, Westbrook Health Services can keep its focus on improving services and helping more people in need, even in an unstable environment. Many healthcare organizations find themselves constantly preoccupied by making sure they have enough funds to continue operating, which puts their services and clientele in jeopardy. With the help of the Westbrook Health Services Permanent Endowment Fund, when Westbrook Health Services promises to help meet the needs of our communities - it will.

Westbrook Health Services, Inc. is a non-profit corporation providing comprehensive behavioral health services in eight rural counties in West Virginia. Westbrook Health Services began in 1949 in Parkersburg, WV as the Wood County Mental Health Clinic. In 1966, due to increases in services and staff size, the Wood County Mental Health Clinic was re-incorporated as Western District Guidance Clinic, assuming services across a multi-county area. In 1973, Western District Guidance Center moved to its current offices in Parkersburg. Growth continued with county clinical sites established in keeping with West Virginia's plan to improve service access and program growth. In 1996, Western District changed its name to Westbrook Health Services, Inc. and has continued to provide services, including the addition of new services such as expanded crisis services and the New Day Crisis Stabilization Unit for residential crisis stabilization, Genesis Program for Women (a substance abuse program serving women and women with children), and various transitional homes for the homeless and others with behavioral health problems. Westbrook Health Services, Inc. is the ninth largest employer in Wood County.

The service area of Westbrook Health Services includes Calhoun, Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Wirt, and Wood Counties. To serve this large area, Westbrook Health Services maintains sites in Wood County, Jackson County, Pleasants County, and Roane County. Westbrook does not provide an office in Washington County, OH; however, services are provided in the Wood County offices for many Ohioans.

Services are provided for individuals and their families in three disability groups: mental health, substance abuse and developmental disabilities. Services are provided to a wide variety of individuals from those in all walks of life, including the homeless and most ages from children (about age five) to the elderly. Services by licensed professionals and physicians are available at sites throughout the service area and include psychiatric and other medical services, psychological services, therapy/counseling services, social work services, case management/service coordination, detoxification services for individuals withdrawing from substances of abuse, residential crisis stabilization/residential treatment program services for those in substance abuse crisis or those at risk of relapse, and day treatment/supportive program services. Because of its comprehensive nature, Westbrook Health Services provides a wide variety of other programs to address the needs of its clients.