Once upon a time, The PM Company sent cards, chocolates, and other typical gifts to their associates during the holidays. Then it occurred to them that the money spent on those tokens of appreciation could go further, and be more meaningful, if they all came together to celebrate the true meaning of the season. In 2007, they asked their tenants, vendors, and business partners to join them in collecting donations of goods and dollars for several local groups who serve those in need, and the Spirit of Giving. It took on a life of its own when the Spirit of Giving campaign became the focus of The PM Company's annual Christmas party at the Grand Pointe Conference and Reception Center.

The Spirit of Giving Fund was created by Pat Minnite, Sr. at the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation in 2011 to help The PM Company streamline their campaign.

The 2021 Spirit of Giving campaign raised more than $121,000 for our community!