When St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing closed its doors in 1969, not many people knew what would become of the school's memory and legacy. More than thirty years later, a new partnership was formed to help the School of Nursing, its alumnae, and the many people associated with it to live on forever through a permanent scholarship fund. More than 800 students trained and graduated from the School of Nursing during its operational years. Many graduates continue practicing in the area today.

Initiated by the Nursing Alumnae Association, the scholarship has received major support from the association's members, the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Wheeling, and St. Joseph's Hospital. Sr. Marguerite O'Brien, President of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Wheeling at the time of the fund's creation, commented, "I am grateful that we (Sisters of Saint Joseph) are part of this important effort to continue educating nursing professionals who will carry on the quality, compassionate care that is such a hallmark of St. Joseph's Hospital to this day."

"Our scholarship fund is a perpetual memorial that allows us to "give back.' It preserves the memory of those many people who inspired us as students and broadened our horizons during our time at the School of Nursing," said Sue Smittle, Alumnae Association President at the time the scholarship was established.

Speaking on behalf of St. Joseph's Hospital at the time of the fund's creation, Peggy Heater, Director of Nursing, noted that, "Throughout St. Joseph's Hospital 100+ years of serving the Mid-Ohio Valley community, the many nurses and sisters have been and continue to be a healing presence in our community. We value and greatly appreciate the contributions and sacrifices made by the nurses of our former school. In making this gift, we expect that our support of this scholarship will allow for the nurses of tomorrow to continue the ethic of continuous care in the healing presence here in our community."

2005 marked the one hundredth anniversary of the St. Joseph Hospital School of Nursing founding.