Seth P. Bryan

Seth Patrick Bryan was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia, on February 25, 2003, and died on December 4, 2023 in Kherson, Ukraine. He was the son of Patrick Bryan and Abby Anderson. Seth was a 2021 graduate of Parkersburg High School.

Many will remember Seth by his infectious enthusiasm for life and his willingness to encourage others. Seth was an avid naturalist and loved animals. He believed being kind to those without a voice was the hallmark trait of a good person. When Seth was on leave, he spent his time volunteering at youth basketball camps, and being with his family, brothers, and friends. He also had an appreciation for architecture and enjoyed sketching. He loved being outdoors and never missed an opportunity to enjoy a day at his family’s farm where he fished, rode the four-wheeler, and walked through the woods.

Seth served two tours in Ukraine. As an Ukrainian Marine, he fought in multiple campaigns to reclaim territory in Kharkiv and Bakhmut. In Bakhmut, he was wounded by grenade shrapnel and suffered a concussion. Many operations that Seth was involved with successfully reduced the enemies’ ability to attack civilians. At the time of his passing in Kherson, he was actively serving on a mission near the Dnipro River.

Seth was regarded as highly competent and motivated. Fellow Marines stated: his presence was a morale boost for all around him. He had a great sense of humor and an upbeat personality. Seth could bring cheer even in the most difficult situations. He is remembered as a loyal friend and one of the first people you would choose to have at your side in combat.

Seth is survived by his parents, Patrick Bryan, and Abby Anderson, brothers, Landon, and Asher Bryan of Parkersburg. Grandparents Gilbert and Judith Bryan of Morgantown, Larry and Jane Anderson of Parkersburg, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Seth was always a strong and inventive thinker. His creative ability helped propel him forward when faced with challenges and tasks. Seth valued his relationship with God. He fought for the betterment of others, believing that every human deserves to live a life that is peaceful, safe, and free.

His family and friends have come together to create a memorial fund with the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation.