S. Doug Ritchie, founder of SDR Plastics, Inc. and Star Plastics, established the SDR Scholarship Fund with the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation in 2006 to support a company-related scholarship program. The fund was later renamed to the SDR-Ritchie Family Scholarship Fund to add the Ritchie family's name.

"We are happy to partner with the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation to support the community in which we do business and to offer scholarship support to our employees' dependents. Our workforce believes in the permanent value and benefits that the Community Foundation brings to our area. The foundation is able to offer our business flexible tax benefits and credits while helping us support the community in which we work," said Doug Ritchie, CEO and owner of SDR Plastics, Inc.

"We are pleased to work with SDR Plastics, Inc. The Community Foundation's role is to build permanent funds to support the area's greatest needs. This Fund will provide scholarships for area students and support charitable projects to improve our community far into the future. It is our hope that this scholarship fund will serve as a shining example to other area businesses that have an interest in establishing a permanent corporate charitable fund to support the community," said the PACF's Executive Director.

SDR Plastics was founded by S. Douglas Ritchie in Ravenswood in 1988 and its sister company, STAR Plastics, was founded in 1997. Both operations produce custom engineering grade resins using post-industrial and post-consumer plastics as well as provide various value-added services to customers across the country. SDR Technologies was established in 2004 with a focus on the recycling of post-industrial electronics. Combined, the companies employ more than 100 area residents.

With a growing customer base and expanding operational capabilities, SDR, STAR and SDR Technologies are positioned for future success and are committed to the continued support of the Jackson County community.