In 1991, SW Resources, Inc., a not for profit, multi-faceted, community-based rehabilitation center, established an endowment fund within the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation. Known as the SW Resources, Inc. Permanent Endowment Fund, it provides an ongoing source of support for the programs and activities of SW Resources (formerly the Sheltered Workshop of Wood County, Inc.).

The mission of SW Resources is to "provide vocational services and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities." To fulfill its mission, SW Resources offers individualized programs, vocational training, and job opportunities. Hundreds of people have passed through SW Resources' doors since it opened in 1964 and have found opportunities for work, companionship, and emotional growth. SW Resources offers those that it serves the first tentative steps toward a richer and more varied life.

Over the long term, the SW Resources, Inc. Permanent Endowment Fund will provide support for vocational and rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities and for capital improvements to the organization's facilities.

SW Resources believes in the dignity and personal growth of all individuals with disabilities and their right to learn, work, and live in the least restrictive environment. Further, the organization believes that every member of society has an inherent right to opportunities for earning a living and making a contribution to his or her community. This fund is helping to ensure that SW Resources can continue to turn these beliefs into action through its many and varied programs and services for individuals with disabilities.