Senator Frank Deem of Vienna, WV, created the Ritchie County High School Golf Team Support Fund in 2007 with RCCF. The purpose of this fund is to be a permanent source of income for the Ritchie County High School Golf Team.

As golf is not a revenue generating sport, the students who participate have to cover much of the expense. By establishing this fund, Sen. Deem is hoping to help more children be able to participate in the sport, and to help defray their costs of participation. This fund will also help cover some of the improvements to where they practice in RitchieCounty.

This fund is a permanent endowment fund, and made its first grant of $1,000 in 2007. Sen. Deem encourages others locally to help with the needs of the county's young people by providing them with permanent resources to help support their participating in educational, recreational and other activities in the community that are of interest to them.