Mark and Peggy Kury started the Mark and Peggy Kury Scholarship to support students seeking a Christian education at a small school. The Kurys believed scholarships helped both students and the school. The scholarship is open to any student from the PACF service area attending an accredited college/university in WV with a current faith-based association.

Mark Kury was born in Akron, Ohio and spent his teen years in Houston, Texas. Peggy was born in Memphis, Texas. Mark and Peggy met on a blind date and got married in Houston in 1949. They have two daughters, one born in 1953 and another adopted as a baby in early 1968. One of their daughters passed away in 1982.

Mark attended Texas A&M University until serving in the World War II occupation of Japan. Upon returning to the United States, Mark completed his education at the University of Houston, graduating with a bachelor's degree in business administration as well as a ROTC commission. Peggy studied education at Texas Tech. When the Korean War broke out, Mark was in a military government unit deemed essential to rebuilding the government of North Korea following the impending American victory. However, because the United States did not win, Mark avoided going overseas.

Peggy supervised twenty-six women in an IBM key punch operation at the Anderson-Clayton Cotton Company before becoming a homemaker. Mark worked with his father in a thermal insulation business before taking a job with Bernard McDonough's Houston Shell and Concrete in 1954. Mark began work with another of McDonough's companies, Marmac, and relocated to New Orleans, where he and Peggy lived for forty-five years. Mark eventually became president of this company, which caused him to be in and out of Parkersburg. Mark became chairman of Marmac, which eventually became the McDonough Corporation. When Mark's predecessor in the McDonough Foundation, Jim Wakley, had a stroke, Mark came up to oversee the affairs of the foundation. When Mr. Wakley recovered, Mark became his assistant, and in 2000, he and Peggy began living in the Parkersburg area fulltime.

In addition to being a member of Rotary, Mark served on many boards, including the Wood County Development Authority Board, the West Virginia Independent Colleges and Universities Board and the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport Authority Board. Mark and Peggy, who have both passed away, attended Grand Central Church of Christ.