The James F. and Ann W. Beck Charitable Fund was created because the couple wanted to give back to the Parkersburgcommunity. With no children at home, they found they were in a position to help community residents. Creating the fund while they are both still living allows them to specify where the money goes. Primarily, the fund contributes to Habitat for Humanity, the Smoot Theater children's program, the Emmanuel Baptist Church's food pantry and a program at FirstLutheran Church that helps provide prescription medication to people who have difficulties affording it.

Ann has lived in Parkersburg since she was a child. She attended Marshall University for undergraduate studies and West Virginia University for a graduate degree. Jim grew up in Allegheny County, Maryland and graduated from the Universityof Maryland. He worked at DuPont in Charleston, West Virginia before going into sales with a small private company. While working with this company he moved to Keyser, West Virginia. At that time, his job covered both panhandles ofWest Virginia, Fairmont, Morgantown and Clarksburg as well as Maryland. After a couple of years, the company moved him to Marietta, Ohio, where he lived for about fifteen years. He then moved to Parkersburg and has lived here ever since. Ann worked first as an elementary teacher and then with the Wood County Board of Education reading program. One of her co-workers introduced her to Jim.

In her spare time, Ann attends aerobics class and enjoys reading a variety of genres and, because it was a part of her career, children's literature. She has also been a member of numerous organizations, including Altrusa, PEO, Phi Delta Kappa and the State Reading Association and has served on several community boards. Jim enjoys community service, working with Habitat for Humanity and Rotary International, as well as performing volunteer renovations with his friends to such facilities as the Salvation Army Opportunity House and the local Boy Scout camp. In addition, he has been active in the church choir of Emmanuel Church. He also enjoys reading and prefers military autobiographies and mystery works. Both Jim and Ann enjoy traveling and belong to the Parkersburg Country Club.

She has a daughter and he has two sons from a previous marriage. They now have seven grandchildren.