The Herschel H. Pifer Scholarship was established with the Foundation's Ritchie County Community Foundation affiliate in 2007 through a bequest from Mr. Pifer's estate. This scholarship fund provides support for a graduating senior from Ritchie County High School, with selection based on financial need, academic achievement and activities.

Herschel Pifer was born on February 29, 1932 during a leap year. After he graduated from Pennsboro High School in 1950, he went into the Air Force for 12 years, where he was a Staff Sergeant for 8 years. During his time in the Air Force, he was based in Texas, Germany, Mississippi, and California. After he got out of the Air Force, he worked as a barber in California before he came back home to Ritchie County.

Herschel owned the Dairyette in Ellenboro for several years (he also owned the McFarlan Store), beginning in 1972. Herschel always encouraged his staff members at the Dairyette (mostly high school students) to bring their homework to work, and he helped them study. In fact, one of his staff members, Joe Smith, went on to become a teacher. Education was so important to Herschel, that he actually paid for his brother, Pearley, to receive his education at WVU Tech.

Herschel was married to Carol for 10 years. He loved music, and played piano for the Highland Community Church.