Bernice and Glenn Wilson

The Glenn Wilson Broadcast Journalism Scholarship provides an annual scholarship, open to residents of Wood and Pleasants counties in West Virginia and Washington County in Ohio. In order to be eligible, students must intend to study broadcast journalism, journalism, marketing, or communications.

Glenn Wilson was born in Parkersburg and graduated from Parkersburg High School. He attended Mountain State Business College in Parkersburg. He met his wife, Bernice, at First Baptist Church, where he taught Sunday school. They got married in 1949 at her Quincy Hill residence. For their honeymoon, they planned to visit the Grand Canyon. However, once they arrived in the western United States, Bernice mentioned that she would like to visit California, so they went to San Francisco.

Glenn's career at WTAP began in April of 1958. In his early days with the station, Wilson worked on a Saturday morning kids' puppet show. During his tenure with WTAP, he also served as news anchor, news director, programming director, director of public service and community affairs, account executive, and perhaps most memorably, weatherman. Among the events he covered in area history were John F. Kennedy's campaign stop in 1960; the collapse of the Silver Bridge, spanning the Ohio River from Point Pleasant, West Virginia to Kanauga, Ohio in 1967; Richard Nixon's campaign stop in 1968; the 1970 plane crash that killed thirty-seven Marshall University football players; and the 1978 collapse of a cooling tower at Willow Island. According to WTAP anchor Roger Sheppard, "Glenn was an honest, decent newsman who tried to cover the news fairly to all sides."

Wilson and his wife enjoyed traveling together, going to Europe multiple times during their marriage. He also did the decorating in their home. Wilson passed away May 9th, 2001 at age eighty. He and Bernice had two children.