In the early 1920's, the Endrizzi family benefited from the generosity of the community during a time of need. Seventy years later, the family gave back by creating a fund at the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation that is designed to help others in need.

In 1924, Mr. Endrizzi, the father of the Endrizzi children, passed away, leaving a young mother with six children under thirteen years of age and one yet to be born. Many people in the area, especially coal miners, helped the Endrizzis on a weekly basis, making sure the family was properly housed and fed. The family's situation improved after the remarriage of Mrs. Endrizzi two years later, but they continued to be grateful for the support they had received.

Emma Endrizzi, the youngest daughter in the family, passed away unexpectedly and left her assets to her mother who in turn gave them to the other children. Emma's brother, Dr. Nick Endrizzi of Parkersburg, decided to create a fund to benefit the Salvation Army in honor of his sister. Three other siblings -- Sam Endrizzi, Vincent Tomasini, and Mary Springhetti -- joined with him to contribute to the fund.

Earnings from the fund, known as the Emma Lou Endrizzi Memorial Fund, are used to support the Bellaire, Ohio, office of the Salvation Army.

"We wanted to repay what people did for us during a time of need," said Dr. Nick Endrizzi. "The Salvation Army is an organization that provides food, clothing, and shelter to the needy and that suited us to a T!"