The Doddridge County Public Library Endowment Fund was established in 2004 with the Foundation's Doddridge County Community Foundation affiliate. The purpose of this fund is to support the Doddridge County Public Library, and the fund is intended to be a long-term endowment fund for the library.

The first public library in Doddridge County opened on March 31st, 1952, in the basement of the courthouse. Seeing the need for expansion, the old opera building across the street from the courthouse was renovated, and the library made a new home in 1965 (this is the current location of the library). In 1977, library facilities were expanded to the entire first floor.

Since revenue sharing ended in 1987, the library joined five other agencies and asked voters to approve an excess levy. The levy was approved by 63.6% of the vote in February of 1987, and has passed every three years since. The library also has a branch in Center Point.