The Corkrean Community Fund was created by John and Marcia Corkrean to provide an ongoing source of funds to support the needs of the Roane County area, as well as to provide support for Christian organizations such as the American Baptist Church and Gideons International.

When considering the creation of a charitable fund, the Corkreans first thought of establishing a private trust, but after consulting with their attorney, they decided to establish a donor advised fund at the community foundation. Knowing that large amounts of money go to estate taxes when people pass away, Mr. Corkrean wanted to be certain that, as he was planning his estate, he made the best use of the money he will leave behind. He explains, "I feel that whatever goes to estate taxes is money pulled away from the community." Mr. Corkrean appreciates the fact that after he passes away, his family will be able to continue to support the causes he has supported throughout his life.

John Corkrean was born in Clarksburg on June 3rd, 1951. He graduated from Lewis County High School. After high school, he went to West Virginia University and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy in 1974. After attending WVU, Mr. Corkrean moved to Vienna and attended Parkersburg Community College, which later became West Virginia University at Parkersburg. Mr. Corkrean moved to Roane County in 1977. He and his wife Marcia have a son and a daughter. In his spare time, Mr. Corkrean enjoys volunteer work and serving on various boards and committees. In addition, his family is very important to him and he attends First Baptist Church in Spencer.

Mr. Corkrean hopes the fund will be able to assist organizations and individuals in accomplishing things they would normally be unable to achieve. Mr. Corkrean feels that God has entrusted him with many resources and he is trying to use them in a way that will benefit mankind.