The Cathy McClain Nursing Scholarship was established in 2008 at the Doddridge County affiliate of Our Community's Foundation by Debbie Davis and the Doddridge County CEOs in memory of Cathy McClain, who passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. This scholarship provides support for students who are residents of Doddridge County at the time of application, who are graduating seniors or previous graduates of Doddridge County High School, and who intend to be full-time students attending a college or university in West Virginia. Recipients may be current undergraduate or graduate students. A preference will be given to students majoring in nursing. If no applicants are majoring in nursing, majors in other healthcare fields will be considered. Financial need will also be considered. Cathy Travis McClain graduated from Doddridge County High School in 1971 and from Salem College, now Salem International University, in 1973. She served her community by taking care of all of the citizens of Doddridge County for 24 years in her role as the Public Health Nurse at the Doddridge County Health Department. Cathy's greatest passion and what she most enjoyed in life was Public Health Nursing. She enjoyed her job and was often overheard saying there was no place she would rather be than at work. Cathy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2003. By the time it was discovered, it had spread. She had surgery, and was treated with months of clinical trails and chemotherapy. Even while ill and taking treatments, Cathy continued coming to work to take care of others. That was very important to her, even in the midst of dealing with her own illness. The clinical trials seemed successful and Cathy was thought to be cancer-free for four years. After four years of what appeared to be remission, Cathy's ovarian cancer was discovered again, and it had spread to many of her organs. Again, Cathy underwent extensive surgery and months of chemotherapy. She continued to work, taking care of anyone and everyone who needed her, but now, at a little slower pace, due to her illness. Cathy's determination to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy, to continue to work, and to fight this terminal illness was an inspiration to all who knew her. One of the hardest things to deal with was the constant waiting. From waiting to see if she could qualify for clinical trials again, waiting for follow up testing, waiting for those dreaded results, and waiting to see what the next plan for treatment was. This was an especially difficult part of the process. Through it all, Cathy always had a smile on her face and acted as if nothing was wrong. She refused to give up and fought to the day of her death. When she was so sick and could hardly lift her head from her pillow, she would talk about how she had to get better. She often said that all she wanted was to "be well enough to get back to work." Even in her final hours, Cathy continued to show kindness and concern for others, and had a smile on her face for her loved ones to remember. Cathy was a remarkable woman who will never be forgotten, but is sadly missed by all. In Cathy's final days, the idea of establishing a scholarship fund in her name was discussed with Cathy. She loved the idea and even decided that she wanted it to be named, "The Cathy McClain Nursing Scholarship."