A number of years ago, alumni, classmates, and friends of Cairo High School sought to preserve their educational experiences by helping other Ritchie County students. They also wanted to show a special appreciation to the teachers and staff of Cairo High School for their dedication to students' education. Headed by the reestablished Cairo High School Alumni Association, the group decided to begin raising funds for the Cairo High School Alumni Scholarship.

At the beginning of the 20th century, in 1905, Cairo first began offering secondary education, and in 1907, the first one-year diplomas were issued to two students. Each year, a one-year curriculum was added until the High School offered a four-year curriculum. Financed by the Grant District Board of Education through a bond issue, a modern Elementary and Secondary School were dedicated in the summer of 1913, allowing the first class to graduate in the spring of 1914. The secondary school was called Grant District High School until 1933, when it was named Cairo High School. Unfortunately, Cairo High School was forced to close in 1971, due to declining enrollment. More than 1,400 students received diplomas from Grant District High School and Cairo High School over a 66-year history.

The high school's alumni share a love for the school, and their appreciation for the teachers and staff runs deep. Now, they are able to continue their interest in education in Ritchie County through the Cairo High School Alumni Scholarship. Hundreds of alumni from across the country have made contributions to the scholarship, and the first award was made in 1996.

The scholarship provides financial assistance to students from Ritchie County High School to pursue a post-secondary education. Recipients must exhibit academic promise, good character, and good citizenship. The fund is a permanent endowment, with only the earnings used to support the scholarship.