The Parkersburg High School Foundation, Inc. was formed in 1988 by a group of citizens committed to the well being of Parkersburg High School. Its purposes are to promote and assist in the development and growth of Parkersburg High School and to render service and assistance to the school, its faculty, and students and to the citizens of Wood County. The PHS Foundation encourages gifts, grants and bequests to promote the improvement and development of Parkersburg High School.

The PHS Foundation seeks to provide funding from private sources over and above the funding made available from public sources with the objective of making Parkersburg High School an excellent learning facility. Donations have been made by individuals, organizations and reunion classes. Such gifts have provided funds to construct the PHS greenhouse, refurbish classrooms, light the campus, improve the stadium, purchase a new screen for the auditorium, and acquire library materials. Completed projects, where practical, have been marked with a commemorative plaque when the primary source of funding was through a gift or bequest of a particular donor or donor family.

To further its objectives, the PHS Foundation established a permanent endowment fund at the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation. Through this fund, the PHS Foundation obtains the investment and administration services of the community foundation and is able to offer potential donors the permanence and confidence of a quality community foundation serving many community needs.

The PHS Foundation continues to seek donations for permanent endowment funding. A long term objective of the PHS Foundation is to secure sufficient endowment gifts to permit permanent, long term investment of such funds so that the annual income only will be used for projects and special priority needs of the school, its students and faculty.